Our Programs



VEGOUT was created by linking local excess to those with limited access. NNS partnered with 5 local farmers to collect or glean high quality excess produce and run a free farmer’s market style farmstand at the Newbury and Pettengill food pantries. The farmstand, run by trained volunteers, has hosted over 70 markets and distributed over 25,000 lbs of fresh local produce.


School Food Recovery

NNS has partnered with Newburyport Public Schools to recover and redistribute milks and produce to local food pantires.  


Pitch In Project

Made up of first time farmers, the Pitch In Crew travels to NNS's partner farms each week to weed, plant, spread compost, harvest, and everything in between! The crew lends small farmers a hand during the busiest time of the season while getting kids involved in their local food system! The 2018 crew is funded by New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, thank you NEGR!!


Volunteer - VEGOUT

June - October

Volunteer shifts typically run for three hours on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Newbury Food Pantry
Pettengill Food Pantry


Volunteer - School Food Recovery

Friday 12:30 pm - 2 pm

September - June




Chicken Families 

Nourishing the North Shore has partnered with Growing Humanitarians, a volunteer organization for families with young children, to take care of our 30 hen flock. Collecting eggs, feeding hens, and giving treats!  



If you are interested in becoming a "chicken family" please contact Growing Humanitarians through their Meet Up, linked below


Cooking and Nutrition Education

During the growing season NNS offers income-neutral cooking and nutrition education classes using produce from our farm! 



June - October

Interested in teaching a cooking or nutrition class?


NBPT Senior Community Center


Kitchen Garden Program 

NNS works with families to plan, build, and maintain kitchen gardens. All gardeners are supplied access to affordable seedlings, resources, and garden supplies.