Our Partners



Our fiscal sponsor, the YWCA of Greater Newburyport supports NNS and builds connections through their social and racial justice networks.


st. johns the evangelist

The home to our garden and a partner from the beginning, the Society of St. John's the Evangelist and NNS share a mission to bring equal opportunity to all community members.   


Newbury Food Pantry 

One of our VEGOUT Mobile Market locations, the Newbury Food Pantry is an all-volunteer-run pantry that beats with the heart of the town.


AND... Growing Humanitarians, Heron Pond Farm, Mehaffey Farm, High Road FarmAppleton Farm, New harmony Farm



City of Newburyport 

The Newburyport health department works directly with NNS to ensure high standards of produce for our community. We also team up with the NBPT Public School for food recovery and gardening!



Three Sisters Garden Project

The Three Sisters Garden Project, one of our closest partner farms, is a collaborative effort that brings together a wide range of community groups to nurture sustainable local food systems that connect us to the land and to each other.


Pettengill House Food Pantry

A VEGOUT Mobile Market location, the Pettengill Food Pantry works with middle and low income people to secure everything from basics needs to housing and food.


New England GrassROots

Newburyport Horticultural Society

Institution for savings

moseley foundation

New england biolabs