Strawberries Are In!

As much as we hate those late April frosts it is a good reminder that we still have a bit of time before it is safe to put our heat loving plants out (like tomatoes, peppers, cukes)! But, it is not to early to get strawberries in the ground! One of our partner farmers, Mehaffey Farm, generously donated us almost 300 bare-root strawberry plants! We were blown away to say the least! This allowed us to plant a patch at most of our new gardens - made possible by Harvard Pilgrim! Below you can see strawberries planted in the raised beds at the Senior Center. 

What are bare-root strawberries? If you are planning to plant stawberries in the early spring, getting bare-root plants is a great way to go. These plants are dormant and can be stored in the fridge until you are ready to plant. It is amazing how hardy these plants are compared to how delicate their fruit is. To the right is what the plant looks like before planting.

Again, a HUGE thanks to Mehaffey Farm and the family - it is so amazing to see the possibility of connecting resources and sharing food production in our community! Check out more about their farm and CSA on their website - CLICK HERE!