Starting Seeds

Starting Our Seeds

It is hard believe that farmers and gardeners are thinking of tomato plants in March! But, truth is they have been thinking about onion, broccoli, kale, and peppers even longer. Thanks to our grant from the Harvard Pilgrim Healthy Food Fund we are able to start our own seeds for the Kitchen Gardens, our Production Gardens and the Bresnahan Garden. NNS finished up the first big chunk of seeding this week at the Three Sisters Garden Project greenhouse in Ipswich.  Below you can see some of the flats we got started! 

Seeds need three main things to grow watera medium (soil), and, warmth. Before seedlings grow their first leaves (the cotyledon) which will begin to do photosynthesis (the conversion of sunlight and CO2 into sugar), the seeds rely solely on stored energy for the germination process. The energy is stored in the form of starches which are converted to sugars by enzymes that are activated in the initial watering of the seed. Below is a cool graphic of seed germination. 

Check out this AMAZING video of seeds germinating and growing. It's official: plants don't just move THEY DANCE....especially when you play classical music in the background!!