Butternut Squash Processing Party

This fall we ended up with over 120 lbs of butternut squash from our plot at the Monks’ Garden.  Although this was fantastic, we soon realized that a whole winter squash isn’t always easy for everyone to prepare.  The reason being is that they can be difficult to peel and very hard to cut into, especially for older folks or someone with arthritis.  

After a bit of brainstorming and planning we decided to hold a “butternut squash processing party” with volunteers in the certified kitchen at the Newburyport Senior Center.  This allowed us to make butternut squash easily accessible to everyone!  And we had fun doing it!

That Thursday night we turned up the tunes and got right to business to divide and conquer our two big bins of squash.  The majority of us peeled, chopped, scooped (the seeds), and cubed the butternut, filling bowl after bowl of squash.  The cubed squash was then sent down to our volunteer, Douglas Foley, who was in charge of packing and vacuum sealing.  After all of these steps, we stapled cooking instructions to each package and voila, grab & go butternut squash!

Check out our finished product:

Shout out to Heron Pond Farm for donating the precious little butternut squash seedlings at the beginning of the season that made this all possible :)

And to our volunteers that we couldn't have done this without :)

Thank you, thank you!